A department dedicated to scientists working on bioeconomy research … and more.


A department designed to support public administration in the field of bioeconomy.


The department is designed for companies from the bioeconomy sector, wishing to expand their knowledge and experience, build a network of contacts, make friends.


The general objective of the BioEcon project is to develop and fully use the research potential of IUNG-PIB, following new trends in global strategies, in order to meet the changing needs of our country. The Institute’s response to the growing demand for research and analysis in the area of bioeconomy in a broad sense was creation of a new Department of Bioeconomy and Systems Analysis. Knowledge, experience, developed tools, research programs, as well as multifaceted collaboration with other departments will allow to build a team capable of conducting research and supporting regional development according to the bioeconomy principles. Research and development works carried out in the department will offer support not only to authorities at different levels in their decision-making processes, but also to industry and other research structures dealing with bioeconomy-related issues.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s HORIZON 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 669062
Call: H2020 WIDESPREAD-2014-2015, topic: WIDESPREAD-2014-2 ERA Chairs